Loro Piana’s search for the finest natural fibers is not bound by geographical borders. It is inspired by the same elements that have inspired every generation of the Loro Piana family: quality, tradition, nature and excellence. Loro Piana’s tireless devotion to quality and nature has led the company high into the Andes in search of the Vicuna, which is believed to be the wild ancestor of the alpaca. Once, Vicuna fleeces were the exclusive preserve of Incan emperors. But in the centuries since, these animals were hunted almost to extinction. Loro Piana has helped save these precious animals by working with the Peruvian government to reintroduce these fibers into the global market in order to protect the animals from illegal poachers. These efforts have significantly increased the Vicuna population and have provided a stable livelihood for the local campesinos. Most recently, in Myanmar, Loro Piana has discovered an extremely rare fiber made from the lotus flower. Developing this fiber requires 6500 lotus stems to make a single length of handwoven fabric. This process of discovery, innovation and refinement is at the heart of Loro Piana.

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