• Step 1 - Consultation :During this step, we get to know you, your needs and your style. You will choose from a wide selection of quality fabrics, designs and detailing options. Your measurements will be taken, and saved for future purchases. If your garment is needed by a specific date, we request that you book your appointment at least four weeks in advance.

  • Step 2 - Pattern Build : This step is when your chosen patterns and designs are put together from scratch in order to fit perfectly to your body. This stage is a major distinguisher of bespoke clothing from made to measure garments. Only bespoke creates a garment with you in mind from the very start.

  • Step 3 - Baste fit : This is a first trial fitting for you to experience how the finished garment will fit and feel. At this stage, you will have the option to request changes or adjustments. If no changes are required, you will be able to pick up your suit within a few days of the baste fitting.

  • Step 4 - Second fitting and delivery: If you requested changes, you would have a second fitting to ensure you are pleased with the adjustments. Once you are satisfied with the overall look and feel, your custom suit will be handed over.


Fit is everything. Without fit, there is no style

Bespoke is the process of creating a garment made to fit an individual’s exact specifications. As opposed to made to measure, which uses standard sizing to mass produce clothing, a bespoke suit will fit like it was made for you… because it was.

The experience of wearing a custom bespoke suit is like nothing else. It enhances your individual style, creates a lasting impression and gives you a confidence that made to measure simply cannot match.

Today, with modern technology taking over many “bespoke operations”, the bespoke process at Valeryan is kept traditional to ensure you receive the very best fit. Our process is regarded as an evolutionary process that start with a vision. Every suit is made based on a theme, idea or dream. This helps us select the fabric, design and detailing to bring your vision to life.

Once your fabric, design and style are determined, patterns are cut for the next stage of the process. These patterns are painstakingly hand stitched with the highest amount of precision to build an initial silhouette that matches your body.

During the baste fit, you will experience how your garment will fit and fall, so that you can request any necessary adjustments or changes to meet your standards and vision. Any adjustments required are noted for the final fitting.

The final fitting is the final stage of evolution, where you experience the immaculate and unmatched form of a bespoke suit.

If you are ready to experience the bespoke process, schedule an appointment today.


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