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Tough Life

It is a tough life. Simple choices sometimes just does not make the cut. You visit the Eiffel Tower in a beautiful classic Mercedes 300SL AMG and what do you wear with it ? Knowing what garment would compliment the graceful beast is just half the battle. Executing the ensemble is what creates a statement. Going in bold and dauntless or effortless yet sophisticated is your choice to make. To have you achieve that is where Valeryan thrives.

To possess a beautifully draped pinstriped suit following your silhouette, topped with a striking silk cravat to match the gleaming gull-wing doors is no ordinary feat. If that is achieved, that man would look no less than conquering this world with his very sight. Life is all about making the right choices. Seeking to look like Schumacher casually strolling the streets of Paris or classy as James Bond himself is nothing but an opportunity. To seize the opportunity is what makes the difference.

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