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Denim Momentum

Denim jackets, denim vests, denim over denim. Who isn’t in love with this whole denim phase. Boyfriend jeans to ripped denims, we need to try them all. We want to have them all. But out of all our clothes the most outfit-altering problem we face is with our jeans. It's beyond difficult to simply find a pair of perfectly fitting denim outfit that end where they are supposed to.
Hailing from the fashion district in Montreal, Canada, Valeryan is primarily a custom studio. The company specializes in incorporating American traditions of handcrafting and technology in equal proportions. You can have your pick with fabrics, designs and cuts. Or simply give us your favorite jeans and ask us to replicate them. 
Over a few years we have repetitively met people who have had major trouble finding jeans with the right fit. It could be skinny calves with a disproportionate waist - do away with those unnecessary belts or just a regular pair of jeans that fit you. Whatever it may be, it can be limited only by your imagination. With the amount of detail and precision that goes into it, it will most definitely be an investment rather than just a purchase.

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